Hello world!

Hello world!

May 2015 I suddenly thought: “Let’s try that old bike again that’s been standing in the garage for ages”. I dusted off my bike, pinched the brakes, inflated the tires, got dressed and went on my way. That first ride was quite painful but I immediately got that old feeling back of enjoying nature while on my bike. Since then I started riding my bike more often and joined in some organised road rides.

Then in March 2018, there was this one ride: “OFFGRID GRAVEL SERIES LIMBURG“. My first Gravel ride and I loved it so much. Ever since I’ve been looking for great Gravel tracks to ride, even though I still don’t own a Gravel bike, but that won’t be for long.

Now, why this website? Well, in my search for great Gravel rides, I was looking for a place to save the GPX files but also wanted to add some pictures and info to it. Why not just build a simple website and let others enjoy the files as well. That’s why I started this website. Not sure if I will be adding more then just GPX files plus info, but let’s start simple first.

Enjoy the site and please do send me your routes for me to post them on this site.


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